computer-ever Blockchain: Blueprint For A New Economy

Hello Friends How Will Blockchain Change The World, today we will learn about blockchain in this post, as you know, in this digital age nowadays blockchain blueprint for a new economy, our transaction has been centralized and de-centralized, now you can take goods from any website of the world from home and get credit or Transactions can be done in minutes through a debit card. Similarly, you can also call the blockchain an international transaction service through which you can also send and receive payments worldwide. Blockchain is a technology that helps in sending bitcoins from one person to another, but now you must be thinking that there are many options like sending money to each other through bank and online payment, through which you can send money. What is the need of this, then let us know what are these blockchains, how do they work, how blockchain blueprint for a new economy etc. Many things: - here comes the guide

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What are blockchains & what are blockchains used for?

A chain operated by a computer where the information is kept seamlessly is called the blockchain and the hash of the first block is added to the next block so that this information cannot be crypt. Blockchains are technologies that help one individual to reach another individual. For example, if a person has to send money to a person in another country, then a third trusted person is required for that, whether it is Bank, Western Union or PayPal etc. and this whole process takes a few days. And it costs money, but if we can send money directly to anyone around the world with the help of blockchain technology, it only takes a few minutes and the transaction fee is also very low according to the other bank. The blockchain was first invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto salt man to serve bitcoins. Blockchain is a technology through which no bank or middleman is required to send money to anyone in the world. Initially blockchain was started for bitcoin but now many coins have also come for blockchain technology.

What is centralized Blockchain?

All the information in it comes from different sources and stores in one place and it depends on the source that how much information they want to give in the market and how much they can change these information and the people who give this information Rewarding it will also do the job of giving rewards. For example, all our banks are controlled by a central system and they are central systems, the Reserve Bank of India and it monitors all Indian banks that all Whether or not the work is done correctly on time and it takes reports every month and gives instructions, this system is what we call centralized system.

What are Decentralized Peer to Peer Network Systems?

Decentralized systems are the exact opposite of centralized systems. There is no central body in it, all the people who work in it are connected with each other and if one person stops working in it, it does not stop any work.

Blockchain: How does it

Inside the blockchain there are different blocks which are interconnected with each other and inside these boxes our data is stored and this data is sent to this

Secures in a way that neither one can change nor delete and when we store the data inside the block, the block generates a hash key and with the help of this you can check your data anytime can do . It is made up of the alphabet, numeric and symbol of the hash. Blockchain is based on P2P network i.e. it does not require any middleman for any type of transaction. This is an open ledger, ie a register in which we keep all our things in writing like banks note the data of their transactions in the laser, it is also a laser and it is an open laser which is public. That is, anyone who is in the blockchain can see it. All the people who live in its network know that who is sending money to whom and how much money is being sent and all in this network can decide whether the transaction is valid or not. Blockchain was first used in 2008 for the invention of bitcoin currency. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is not subject to any country or any bank. Now slowly, research is being done to use it in government and public sector.

What is the use of blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is being used for most cryptocurrency today. It was invented only to make the transaction of cryptocurrency transparent and transparent. Today all the cryptocurrencies present in the market all work on the basis of blockchain technology, for example when we buy any bitcoin or cryptocurrency etc. and all the transactions of that currency, all the details of the cryptocurrency that we have purchased are blockchain. Go into the box and become automatic.

How Secure are Blockchains?

Blockchain technology is responsible for security and trust issues to a large extent. Whenever any data is stored in the blockchain technology block, it resides in thousands of computers instead of being stored in one computer or one server so it is difficult to hack the block chain. And even if someone wants to hack, he has to hack thousands of computers which are impossible at the same time and due to this unique technology, blockchain technology is a very secure technology in itself.

How can blockchain technology be used in the future?

Blockchain technology can be used in all places in the future due to its security, it can be used in banking sector, can be used in medical, management etc., especially it can prove to be effective in identity management. Where there are many frauds in today's time, any one easily steals one's id and steals data.

How to create an account in blockchain?

1. To create an account in Blockchain, first you need to go to its website

2. After the website is open, you must first click on create wallet.

3. After this you will see 2 options, out of which you have to click on the option Create a bitcoin first.

4. Then a page will open in front of you, in which you have to enter your Gmail ID and password and allow terms and conditions and click on create my wallet. Keep in mind that if you forget the password kept, you cannot reset it. For this there is a backup phrase which you have to maintain and it is of 12 digits.

5. You will be logged in automatically after creating an account, after which a mail will come in your Gmail, by clicking on it, you will have to verify your account.

6. If you want to make any changes related to your account, then you can click and change in the security settings.

7. After this, after clicking continue, your wallet ID will be created.

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