Ergonomic Keyboards – Does Ergonomic Keyboards Really Help?

Do you ever get tired of typing on a keyboard? If yes, then you should consider buying a new ergonomic keyboard. These keyboards are designed specifically to reduce stress on your hands and wrists.

Ergonomics is the science of designing objects or environments to fit human requirements. In other words, ergonomics is the study of how humans interact with their environment.


A good ergonomic keyboard reduces strain on your body and helps prevent repetitive strain injuries. There are several types of ergonomic keyboards available, such as wireless, Bluetooth, and wired.

1. Ergonomics

 Ergonomics is the study of human-machine interactions. In this case, we are talking about ergonomic keyboards. There are many different types of keyboards that can be used depending on what your needs are. Some people prefer using mechanical keyboards while others prefer membrane keyboards. Mechanical keyboards have switches that require force to activate them. Membrane keyboards use rubber domes that require little to no pressure to activate them.

 2. Comfort

 Comfort is something that should always be considered when choosing a keyboard. This includes things like wrist rest, palm rest, and armrests. These features help reduce strain on the wrists, arms, and shoulders. They also provide comfort for those who spend long hours typing at their desk.

 3. Size

 Size is another factor that has to be taken into consideration. If you plan on using a laptop, then you may want to consider getting a smaller keyboard. Laptops usually come with full size keyboards. However, if you plan on using a desktop computer, then you may want a larger keyboard.

Do Ergonomic Keyboards Really Help? An ergonomic keyboard is designed to alleviate stress that may be caused by repetitive typing. The goal of these keyboards is to relieve strain that is placed on the wrists and forearms caused by a traditional, flat keyboard design. The design is intended to prevent injuries, such as carpel tunnel syndrome, as well as provide comfort to the typist. There are many studies proving the effectiveness of ergonomic keyboards.

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Because ergonomic keyboards are more costly than standard, flat ones many individuals wonder whether they are really worth the investment. The answer is yes.

If you spend many hours working at a computer and using your keyboard, investing in an ergonomic keyboard is a good idea. Countless studies have shown that spending long periods of time working on a standard flat keyboard can lead to minor as well as serious injuries. After studying the dynamics of the human form when typing as well as the types of injuries sustained, engineers developed a keyboard design that is intended to maximize production while minimizing discomfort and fatigue.

When you type on a standard flat keyboard you have to pay special attention to how you position your wrist and hands to avoid getting achy joints. Because your hands are not flat, you have to bend and strain in order to type on a flat keyboard. This can cause problems not only for your hands and wrists, but your shoulders and back may suffer as well. Ergonomic keyboards aim at fitting your hands; rather than your hands adjusting to fit the keyboard.

One of the most common ergonomic designs is one where the keyboard is divided in half. The keys on each half are angled in so that they fit the shape and incline of your hands and wrists.

The numerous companies that have invested in the contoured designed products for their employees contribute to the success of ergonomic keyboards. Ergonomic equipment has not been limited to keyboards alone. Keyboard trays are commonly used to adjust the height and angle of the keyboard to fit the individual utilizing the workstation. In addition, wrist rests are placed in front of the keyboard to prevent the wrist from dropping or bending back when typing.

Other ergonomically designed equipment include mouse support trays to keep the mouse close to the keyboard, and forearm supports to help support the arms and prevent the wrist from dropping. Height adjustable tables and workstations can also be used to reduce stress when typing.

If you are currently suffering from discomfort when typing, or have experienced pain in the past you should consider buying a keyboard with an ergonomic design or you may risk serious and permanent injuries. Even if you use your keyboard minimally and have never endured fatigue or aches in your hand or wrists when typing, having a keyboard that prevents the risk of possible injury makes sense.

Also, if you are an employer you should consider implementing the use of ergonomic keyboards in your office. They will decrease the amount of workplace injuries and encourage employees to work longer and more effectively. In addition, they will lower your overall costs, turn over rate and raise employee morale.

In conclusion, ergonomic keyboards work well for reducing stress and possible injury caused by repetitive typing. They were designed after numerous hours of studying the way a human operates a keyboard. Their contoured design and specialized features will allow you to type for longer periods of time and remain productive without suffering from discomfort or fatigue. There are several styles and types of ergonomic keyboards available. To find one that is right for you try shopping around and trying a few out.

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